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Training For A Half Marathon

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Sports Audios Lose Weight

Losing weight is a difficult proposition, and most people are aware that the best way to do it is to adopt smart eating habits and reduce caloric intake with an exercise program. The fitness experts as explain that
exercise builds muscle and raises your body's base metabolic rate - this means that you burn more calories when you exercise - and that's why the combination of the two is the true secret to weight loss.

People who attempt to lose weight without exercising find that it takes much longer, and they frequently hit weight loss plateaus that frustrate them and undermine their efforts. One of the best ways to burn calories and get into shape is by running; it can be done without expensive equipment and is a very efficient way to burn calories.

For many people, getting out and starting a running program can be daunting, especially if you've never run before. That's where the sports audios come in; all you have to do is download their program onto your mp3 player, and they take it from there. They'll be right there in your head, providing tips on proper running form, great music to run to, and inspiring motivational messages that will keep you moving.

They even include a special bonus program on stretching to make sure that you don't get injured! People who have used the program report being able to keep running far longer than they ever thought possible because the soothing voice provided on the audio kept them going.

Sports Audios Running to Fitness

The Running to Fitness audio program sells for
$46.50, which is less than half what some personal trainers would charge you for just an hour of training - and you receive so much more. For that small expense you receive the seventy five minute audio that will tell you how to make sure your running technique is perfect, plus thirty minutes of music and motivational tips.

On top of that you'll receive a bonus track on the proper way to stretch and make sure you're warmed up so that you don't get injured, a track on things to do while you're running, and a complete downloadable ebook that will provide you with information that will be of value to any runner.

The book is called The Running Essentials Ebook, and it includes guidance on buying running shoes, training schedules for a variety of different race distances, advice on which running surfaces are least likely to cause injury, and helpful information and charts to help you set goals and milestones to help you as you run your way to fitness.

Sports Audios Girlnetic Fitness Review

For those who are not certain about investing in the Running for Fitness program, the
Girlnetic Fitness Social Club, one of the leading fitness social networking groups for women, has written a comprehensive review of the program after having tried out the audio themselves.

Their reviewer is a woman doing her first marathon training, and one of her comments was that the program had her motivated even before she started running! Her overall assessment was that the program was easy to download and effectively motivated her to keep going.

Sports Audio Review

For those who are trying to lose weight by starting an exercise program, sometimes the hardest part is finding the motivation to get off the couch and get moving.

Many people invest in hiring a personal trainer to teach them proper techniques and to keep them motivated, but that is an expensive proposition, and out of reach for most of us.

In order to help people past this problem so that they can lose weight and get in shape, the fitness experts at have created an audio program called Running to Fitness.

The program can be downloaded onto any mp3 player, and the audio features all that you could possibly need to get yourself moving and on the road to fitness and weight loss.

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