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Training For A Half Marathon

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Strong Running Heather Ebright

Heather Ebright is a runner, so she understands the joy of going out for a long run and pushing her body to go faster, farther and stronger. She is also a Pilates Instructor who knows that proper running form isn't enough to keep you from getting injured.

Her website,, is devoted to helping runners learn how to avoid the most common running injuries, including IT Band Syndrome, runners knee, and Shin Splints. Heather suffered many of those injuries herself in her years as a competitive and recreational runner and marathoner, but it was only after she started studying about Pilates that she realized that most running injuries can be prevented by strengthening the muscles in your core.

She found that muscle imbalances cause the majority of injuries, and can be corrected simply and effectively by doing Pilates. After proving it true for herself and runners who took her classes, she put together a complete program that is available for download to help runners everywhere.

Strong Running Running Injuries

According to Heather Ebright, Pilates Instructor and runner, most running injuries are completely preventable. They are caused by muscle imbalances, poor postural alignment, lack of flexibility and incorrect biomechanics.

Through her own personal experience, she found that though running strengthens the muscles that carry us forward, that the constant back and forth movement was not being supported by the muscles that move from side to side, and that without those muscles properly supporting the body, there is an eventual breakdown.

By strengthening those lateral-moving muscles with Pilates, she found her running technique improved, her runs felt easier,she had no more aches and pains, and she felt stronger and more flexible. The program that she has put together targets the same muscles that are strengthened during a Pilates class, and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Strong Running Strong Running Solution

The Strong Running Solution Ebook provides everything that you need to strengthen your core, and your overall running, using Pilates. Whether you're a beginning runner or working on a marathon training plan, the program will be helpful. Heather offers a free sample that can be downloaded immediately, called How to Strengthen Your Core and Keep it Strong Starting Today.

After you've read it, you can order the entire program or just $57; you'll receive self tests, strengthening exercises, charts, stretches, a 9-week training program and more. The program even includes a video of the proper technique for the exercises so that you can make sure you are doing them properly, and audio downloads for your ipod that you can listen to on your run. There is no risk to purchasing the program - it comes with a money back guarantee, but it is unlikely you will need it. The program provides valuable information that will make a permanent, positive change.

Strong Running Review

If you're a runner, then more likely then not, you've had some sort of running injury. Runners hate their injuries, because they keep them from training, but they assume that they are a part of the sport, a sacrifice that has to be made every so often in order to keep running.

Heather Ebright is a runner who felt the same way, but after happening upon a Pilates class shortly after recovering from her first marathon, she suddenly realized that with the proper strengthening, runners could avoid injuries and run stronger and pain free.

She became a Pilates enthusiast, and then a Certified Pilates Instructor, and now she uses her expertise to help runners to strengthen their core and bring their bodies into the balance needed to avoid future injuries and run better then ever.

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